The dynamic talent economy requires an equally dynamic vendor strategy

Partner with the right sub-vendors at the right time, always
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In the war for talent, the talent won

Organizations must adapt by going to where the talent resides, even if that is with a non-preferred vendor.

  • Talent strategies can no longer depend on fixed vendor arrangements.
  • Murmur partners with hundreds of proven and emerging staffing vendors.
  • We help you leverage your brand to attract the right vendors at the right time.


Not all vendors are created equal

Look beyond the sales pitch, and you’ll quickly discover if a potential vendor has what it takes to be successful.

  • Try before you buy.
  • Evaluate supplier performance before committing to a multi-year contract
  • Murmur helps organizations trial prospective suppliers and provides in-program data and analytics.


Success should be rewarded

When a vendor becomes material to the program, they should be rewarded with a direct contract.

  • An effective talent strategy requires the right partners at the right time.
  • Graduate vendors anytime.
  • Murmur maintains no non-competes with sub-vendors.


Only manage critical suppliers

While some vendors will rise, others may falter. The goal is to maintain a potent and highly effective vendor pool.

  • Retire vendors into the Murmur marketplace and re-engage as needed.
  • Avoid project and contractor disruption.
  • Reduce the number of vendor VMS instances.

A dynamic vendor strategy is at your fingertips with Murmur